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In the Fall of 2022, Winthrop, LLC and Denison Parking, Inc. began a partnership with PARS-S (Prioritizing Accountability Responsiveness Safety, and Service) to assist local business growth and to provide a pathway for gainful employment, including for those that may have had a challenging or criminal background.

Building on the experience of Leroy Robinson, Tia L. Coleman, and C. Perry Griffith III, PARS-S will offer Event Staffing, Light Security, Maintenance, and Custodial services based in central Indiana, with plans to expand nationwide.

Leroy and Tia are co-owners of the certified MBE, Winthrop, LLC. Which was founded in 2016 and focuses on a variety of small business consulting, education software, IT, retail and commercial sales, and staffing opportunities. Leroy has experience in educational leadership, public and community service, community foundations, and state government. Tia is a philanthropist, national public speaker, and small business owner.

C. Perry Griffith, III, is the President of Denison Parking, Inc. which has been part of Indianapolis since 1934. Denison Parking now manages parking facilities in twelve states, and Perry has successfully led efforts for expansion that has increased Denison’s portfolio by 40%.

PARS-S is uniquely positioned to provide event staffing services, light security, maintenance, and custodial services to organizations, initially leveraging Denison’s existing local and national footprint. The organization is anticipated to grow beyond leveraging not only the high quality of mission-driven work, but for instances when XBE participation is required or highly valued. PARS-S is qualified as an MBE (Minority-Owned Business Enterprise).


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PARS-S is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
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